For the society where each of us have pride in the way we live

Enageed aims to create a structure required for all people at any generations “to understand their own potential and to live their lives with dignity”. We provide a scheme to equip ourselves with “skills required for the future society” while the role of human are about to change drastically as the role of AI and robots evolves.


Next Generation Career Education “ENAGEED” Textbooks & movies for secondary schools Students repeat experiences of "creating 1 from zero” and “receiving positive feedbacks” in oder to understand their potential and to gain skills to live proactively.
Enageed provide corporate training service. For more information, please contact at


Develop “the Ability to Adapt to the New Age” through our textbooks, movie, and group works



Teacherʼs manual/Instruction videos for teachers/Other teacher support services


Business Partnership

We are expanding our business network and looking for business partners who are interested in establishing a long-term cooperation. Please contact us if you are interested.



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