Make the Path You Chose Into the Right One



For the society where each of us have pride in the way we live
Enageed aims to create a structure required for all people at any generations “to understand their own potential and to live their lives with dignity”. We provide a scheme to equip ourselves with “skills required for the future society” while the role of human are about to change drastically as the role of AI and robots evolves.


For Education

Next Generation Career Education “ENAGEED” Textbooks & movies for secondary schools Students repeat experiences of "creating 1 from zero” and “receiving positive feedbacks” in oder to understand their potential and to gain skills to live proactively.

For Business

Enageed provide corporate training service. For more information, please contact at



Understand the foreseeable future.

What kind of future is expected?What would happen to us if AI and robots evolved?


Change the viewpoints and the stages according to the society, future, people and other countries. Repeat these experiences to create something from zero.

We used to be able to make the rules on how to play on our own, but now, children are given “finished goods” like video games, which means that the parameter of experiences to create something on oneʼs own, has decreased.


By forming your own ideas and receiving positive responses, you will be able to feel, “I can do it”.

When you have more experiences to plan your own ideas and to give shape to it, as well as the experiences to have your ideas accepted, you will not say “whatever”, nor just be “waiting”. Instead, you will be motivated to feel “I can do it!” or “” I want to try something like this”.


Develop “the Ability to Adapt to the New Age” through our textbooks, movie, and group works



vol.1 Skills that cannot be replaced by AI and robots

Understand the foreseeable future and develop abilities required in the next generation.

vol.2 How to create new work -Ability to Foster Emotion into Society-

Discover the challenges of society by yourself and form a project that does not exist yet.

vol.3 How to expand your potential - Ability to realize the envisioned future -
Obtain specific ways to create the future and understand your own potential.
vol.4 Create the worldʼs future
Understand that the “value” you create will be accepted also in the world
vol.5 Obtain every vision
Switch your viewpoint to that of others and obtain an ability to create value from everyoneʼs perspective.
vol.6 Understand the distance and start challenging yourself
Realize that it is not your skills that make you take on challenges, but that your challenges are what makes you acquire skills.
vol.7 How to “Make the Path You Chose Into the Right One”
Think about what kind of emotions you want to create in the world and acquire the skills necessary to set your own goals.




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What is so great about our event anyway?
I realized that even an ordinary student like me can change the world.
2nd year of junior high school
Those who have successful experiences have an ability to realize their ideas, while those who do not have much tend to be negative. This is why I decided to try many things and to make mistakes in the next three years to have more successful experiences.
1st year, senior high school
I now have feelings of, “I will do this because no one wants to do it”, instead of saying, “I cannot do it because nobody is doing is.
2nd year, junior high school
I usually donʼt exchange my ideas with my friends in our daily lives, so I had a really good time. Also, I was able to propose many ideas about the future and realized that “I can come up with so many ideas!”.
1st year, senior high school
The students no longer have to choose between humanities and science. The students have started thinking about choosing their next stage of education based on what they want to do there and not just on a Hensachi (deviation) score.
My son, who used to be quiet, suddenly started saying he wanted to start a business.


Company name
Enageed Co., Ltd.
Mitsunori Ujike
1 October 2012
Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen 8F, 22-1 Daikyocho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0015 JAPAN
Development and sales of educational contents
Development and sales of training contents for companies
Other educational and training support services
2012 Established the company, Enageed
2015 Developed educational contents ‘Enageed’ for schools
2015 Organized demo classes at 5 schools in Manila, the Philippines
2016 Organized demo classes at 3 schools in Ghana
2017 Started the service of business skill training ‘Enageed for Biz’
2018 Reached 100 schools in Japan introduced Enageed’s textbooks
2018 Organized demo classes in Bolivia
2019 Reached 200 schools in Japan introduced Enageed’s textbooks
Mitsunori Ujike
Message from the CEO
When I started working, the “cool” and the “active” people, regardless of academic background, thought about not only themselves, but also about the people surrounding them. They also thought that they could achieve anything. On the other hand, it seems that there were more than a few adults who “only wanted to do as they were told to do”, “thought it was a waste of time” or “cared only about themselves”. I wondered why there was such a big difference in the way of thinking between these people. Then, I realized that “successful” experiences in high school and the amount of experiences of having oneʼs own opinions accepted by others made this difference. As mentioned at the beginning of this brochure, there is the question of, “what kind of look do the students have on their faces when they leave for work?”. The answer really depends on whether you feel positive about your way of life. In my opinion, this is an essential issue that can be worked on through education.I believe that a world that makes people feel that they want to help others and the society, is certainly one that is filled with very cool people. We would like to contribute towards such a world.